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As a developer, should I learn about infra?

Gaining knowledge about software infrastructure and architecture is important as it enables us to attain a more deep comprehension of how our code works within the underlying systems and machines that make it possible.

Improve performance and scalability

When you understand how infrastructure works, you can optimize your code to perform better and scale more efficiently. For example, you might learn about load balancing techniques or caching strategies that can help your code run better in high-traffic scenarios. Also, by learning about it, you can gain a more comprehensive understanding of the entire process, from code to deployment and beyond.

Improve collaboration between teams

You can communicate more effectively with DevOps and sysadmin teams when you have enough knowledge about infrastructure. This can lead to more effective collaboration and better results in thr projects you work on.

Job opportunities

Cloud architect and similar roles continue growing. There is an increasing need for developers who can work effectively within these environments. By having skills related to infrastructure and cloud architectures in your toolkit, for sure you will be a more attractive candidate for job opportunities.

To sum up, while programming code is a crucial aspect of software development, understanding infrastructure can help you take your skills to the next level and have a more significant impact on the projects you work on.