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Benefits of Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as code (IaC) is a software engineering practice that involves managing and provisioning infrastructure through code, using tools such as Terraform or Ansible. It allows infrastructure to be deployed quickly and efficiently.

IaC is beneficial for a wide range of organizations, from small startups to large companies, and anyone involved in a technical team can benefit from using it, not only DevOps or cloud architects.

If you are building software applications, using IaC can help you manage the infrastructure that supports your code. With it, you can easily create and manage your development, staging, and production environments.

Also, using IaC can help you reducing manual errors, increasing the efficiency of your operations and ensuring your infrastructure is consistent, repeatable and reliable.

Infrastructure as Code makes it easier to track who made changes, when they were made, and why. And, since infrastructure is managed through code, it makes easier to experiment and test new ideas and technologies.

If you want to learn how to implement Infrastructure as Code in your organization, take a look to my courses Server Scaling with Ansible and Infrastructure as Code with Terraform.